9 December 2016

What do you need from the future of Peckham?

As part of the CoDesign Peckham project, everyone can have their say about Peckham’s future online, using Commonplace Peckham Rye. It’ll only take a couple of minutes, and you can do it from home, work – or even from your phone – just pick a place and say how you feel about it. Hundreds of comments have already been added – and its really important to hear everyone’s needs. Every comment will have equal weight in the CoDesign process. Adding a few comments will help make sure you get your views heard. The main co-design process will finish at the end of October. So don’t miss the opportunity to add your views now.

£20,000 To Improve Health In Unwin and Friary Estate

Residents from the Unwin and Friary Estate in Peckham, London Borough of Southwark have been given the chance to take the lead in improving the Health and Well Being of their own neighbourhood thanks to “Well London”. Well London is a programme which works on estates throughout London to improve health and well being.

The programme has arrived on the Unwin and Friary and residents are being encouraged to develop their own health and well being project ideas in areas such as healthy eating, mental well being and physical activity.

£20,000 has been allocated by Well London for residents to apply to set up and run their own projects. This sum of money will be shared between successful projects. Young people aged 14 and over are particularly being encouraged to apply.

Residents will have a chance to consider and decide which applications are successful by voting for project ideas at a neighborhood event to be held at the end of March.

Ideas for projects will be submitted by application to Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum (PVSF) a local charity who is coordinating the Unwin and Friary Well London Programmme.

Applications can be submitted between now until 13th March 2013 with the neighborhood voting event taking place on the 23rd March.  Please click on  links for an application form Unwin and Friary Application form ; the application guidance notes Unwin and Friary Guidance Notes (A) ; and publicity leaflet Unwin & Friary Funding Publicity leaflet-a3

Some residents are already excited about the Well London idea and have already volunteered to do something about improving health where they live by forming a group called the Well London Delivery Team. The role of the group is to provide health improvement information and to encourage people to organise and participate in health improvement activities.

Delivery team member David Lessore says “It’s high time that our community got into action and came together to try and become healthier”Another Well London Delivery Team member Ijeoma Bono- Odo adds “Well London is bringing the community together to encourage healthier life styles”

David Reid, PVSF Well London Coordinator, said; “We will be working with individuals and groups in the community to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in Well London and take a lead in local decision-making. What we want is for people to take ownership of the projects that matter and to make this happen we have set up a process where residents can run their own projects and participate in voting for  the projects that mean the most to them.”

Residents will be able to pick up an application form a number of different locations in and around the Unwin and Friary Neighbourhood including Peckham Park Baptist Church, Leyton Square Adventure Playground, The Children’s Centre on Leyton Square , The Bird in the Bush Centre and Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum.


PVSF AGM & Forum Meeting 2012

Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum (PVSF) invites it’s members and friends to their Annual General Meeting on Thursday 6th December at Bells Garden Community Centre, 16 Buller Close SE15 from 10am to 1pm.

Come and find out about PVSF’s previous year’s achievement plus an update on the development of the SE15 Consortium for community groups.

This event is a great opportunity to meet the people behind PVSF, the trustess, staff and volunteers. Of course our meetings are always a great place to network and this year will be no different. Along with our 85 strong membership other  invited guests include the Mayor of Southwark, SE15Councillors, Southwark Council Commissioners and Grant funding Trusts and Foundations.

There will be an exciting showcase of  SE15 community groups services and activities- why not learn more about how these groups are making a difference in their communities.

As usual, our last members meeting of the year, their will be plenty of festive cheer after business is over with our customary delicious hot buffet and a glass of wine.

If you would like to attend or for free information stall queries please contact David Reid 0207 358 9777  david@peckhamforum.org.uk

Olympic Torch Bearer named!

Sterling Muschett Peckham Pride Head Coach

Sterling Muschett

The head coach of Peckham Pride, Sterling Muschett has been named as one of the official Olympic Torch Bearers.

Peckham Pride is one of the biggest basketball clubs in South London and has a track record of producing champions and currently runs basketballweekly sessions: :

Day:  Every Saturday 10am – 12pm
Venue:  Harris Academy Peckham, Peckham High Street, SE15

For further information please email: peckhampride@hotmail.co.uk or call 07747 424 978.

Campaigners to boost Peckham’s Image

Peckham Campaigners

1) What is the Campaign about?

 The Flipside Peckham campaign is about changing the national newspapers negative perception of Peckham.  

2) Why is the issue a problem? 

Over the past 20 years Peckham has suffered from an above average violent crime rate. However it is notable that there are areas in London that have higher or comparable violent crime rates yet are not focused on with nearly as much frequency when national newspapers run stories on violent crime in London.

The National newspapers have continuously reported in a negative way about Peckham. The role this representation plays has contributed adversely to the town’s declining prosperity, resident’s aspirations and giving non residents a highly negative view of the area.

3) Who is running the campaign?

The campaign has been started by three Peckham residents, Angela, Jacob and Bernice. The residents are being supported to run this campaign by Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum.

4) What will the campaign do to address the problem?

The campaigners will work in partnership with sections of Peckham’s community to run projects or activities that will create positive stories and images of Peckham as a place to live and visit

The campaigners will work with the local media to get grass roots news stories published of the contributions community members have made or are making to raise a better profile of Peckham life.

5) How will the community of Peckham benefit

A successful campaign will help raise resident’s hopes and aspirations; build community spirit; attract larger retail businesses to the area and improve job creation opportunities for local people.

For visitors it will help to reduce the perception of fear when visiting Peckham.

6) What is the timescale?

The campaign will run from September 2011 to August 2012

7)  What can the Peckham community do to support the campaign?

Sections of the Community Activities you can do
Primary and Secondary Schools in Peckham Run a photography or art project with focus on capturing positive life in Peckham 
Businesses in Peckham Tell us your stories of how good it is to do business in Peckham or ideas of making the area more prosperous. 
The Elderly Tell us your stories of what Peckham was like in the 60’s and 70’s.  
Young People (16- 25) who live in Peck ham Are you an unsung hero? Have you helped others to overcome a problem? Would you like to use your story to inspire other young people? 
Parents living in Peckham Any outstanding stories of beating the odds as a parent?  Use your story to inspire other parents.
Charities and community organisations operating in Peckham We need your stories about how you are changing people’s lives in Peckham and making the area a better place.
Volunteers We are looking for people who have a time on their hands and lots of ideas to volunteer for the following positions:

  • People to join the campaign team:
  • People interested in writing short reports of community events in Peckham, plus taking photos.
  •  People interested in running fundraising events to raise money for the campaign

8) Want to help ? Please get in touch – If you are from any of the above groups and you are interested in contributing to this campaign? Please contact, Bernice 0755 425 4265  Jacob 0798 514 7778


Peckham Settlement SE-Village Showcase

SE-Village, the latest initiative to come out of Peckham Settlement – got off to a flying start with an exciting showcase event on 9 September 2011.  The event saw the local community of Peckham coming together to celebrate and share their great ideas for making Peckham a great place to live.

 The famous SE-Village sofa was on show, and Outreach and Development Worker Janet said: “The sofa is a nice, informal place to have conversation about your dreams and aspirations for a club or project in the locality of Peckham”.

 The event was aimed to give the opportunity for existing and new projects to showcase activities and clubs they had recently set up with support from the SE-Village team. So far there are well over 20 ideas being developed, from clothes restyling to mental well-being.  Arriving on the night everyone was given a ’Peckham Pound’ an alternative currency which was used to pay for food, or advice from the panel of experts.  

To find out more about SE-Village call: 020 7639 1823 or email: se-village@peckhamsettlement.org.uk / janet.bowens@peckhamsettlement.org.uk.

Help Shape the Future Of Peckham

Let Southwark Council know what you think

Have your say


This planning document sets out the vision and policy options that will guide the development of Peckham. 

Have a look at what the plans means for you, fill out a questionnaire and have your say at www.southwark.gov.uk/futurepeckham

Solutions to Youth Violence

Community ConversationsOk, I love to have a chat and what better way to satisfy my appetite than at an event designed for people who want to have a say. I turned up last week Tuesday evening at the latest in a series of community conversation events organised by the Greater London Authority.

So what are community conversation events? These events are organised in areas of London that suffer from high levels of youth violence. The idea is for people who live in these neighborhoods to come together and give their views on how best to tackle this issue to a panel headed by London’s Mayor Boris Johnson.

But how useful is this type of event in getting to the bottom of why there is an upsurge in youth violence.

A 200 strong audience packed the main hall of Harris Academy Peckham School, in Southwark, to provide the panelists with lots of ideas to take away on how to stem the escalating and senseless youth violence that sadly plagues our streets.

It was quite amusing but thought provoking to hear a young person dressed smartly in his school uniform suggest to Boris Johnson that he should consider getting rid of London’s bike scheme and use the funding to keep youth clubs open.

I shared the sense of agreement with the audience that the first place we must start to look for solutions is with parents. Isn’t it true that if parents are not able to bring their children up with the right values then a community will have serious problems?

Other solutions put forward ranged from providing more jobs for young people, improving the witness protection service so that more people will report crime; continue to fund community led activities for young people.

I left the event around 9pm thinking that people in the community do want to help stop the epidemic destruction of young people’s lives

The comment from the school pupil suddenly came back to me and reminded me of the uncertain feeling I left the event with. What if the ideas put forward for community projects to reduce youth violence never materialise due to lack of funding or prioritising projects like the bike scheme at the expense of community activities for young people.

What do you think? Do some parents need re- educating on what is good parenting? Is poor parenting really to blame for unruly and violent youth behaviour?

For more information on the community conversations programme http://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/crime-community-safety/safer-communities/community-conversations-programme